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Water Bottle recall…just in time for back to school

Check your kids’ lunchboxes and backpacks. Contigo announced Tuesday that it is recalling the lids on 5.7 million of its Contigo Kids Cleanable Water Bottles because the spouts pose a potential choking hazard. According to the voluntary recall notice, the bottles were

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It’s not unusual to have a hard time with a driving test but this is crazy…

The “worst driver” in Ireland has vowed to carry on driving — despite having failed his test 20 times. It’s Hell Plates forever for County Cork man Ray Heffernan, 69, who also lost eight court appeals against the decision by test

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Unrestrained dogs can lead to distracted driving

Many dogs love riding in cars. But a new study suggests that how they ride may be bad for your health. Researchers followed 15 people who were driving with their dogs for more than 30 hours. They found the risk

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Welcome to Wednesday

Good morning, today is ‘Community Charity Air Show’ day at the Brantford airport; This year marks the 17th year for the airshow, here are some of the performers: The Canadian Forces Snowbirds, Demo CF-18 Hornet pilots thundering through the sky, The Canadian Warplane

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Maybe NASCAR should think about drafting this kid.

An 8-year-old boy got a stern talking-to earlier this week when he took his mom’s Volkswagen for a joyride on the German autobahn, but after pulling the stunt again—hitting speeds 112 mph—he’s been put into psychological counselling, the AP reports. Dortmund

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So now we find out that the ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ stereotype has no basis in fact…we have a study!

Turns out dog owners are just as sensitive to their pets’ needs as the proverbial “crazy cat ladies” that we’re always hearing so much about. In fact, a study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science appears to debunk the idea

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Everything ‘Pumpkin Spice’

Okay, okay, okay, we get it…people LOVE pumpkin spice stuff. Starting today pumpkin spice latte’s are available at Starbucks, everywhere you turn as we move towards fall there will be more and more pumpkin spice…well…everything. So, here’s the deal on

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It’ a wet start to Tuesday

Here’s are some things to get you going this morning… We’re in for a wet start to the day, cloud with showers today. Hi: 22. You can gas up for anywhere from $1.08 – $1.17 in brant County this morning.

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Owning a dog could lead to improved heart health.

Dog owners are more likely to have better heart health, scientists have found in a study. The research published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings involved 1,769 people aged between 25 to 64-year-old living in the city of Brno in the

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This story gave everyone here the willies…

A woman who went to a Missouri doctor complaining of water in her ear was shocked to be told it was actually a highly venomous brown recluse spider. Susie Torres said she thought the discomfort in her left ear was

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This Tramp’s story could lead to more forever homes.

Disney’s new Tramp, in the upcoming live-action remake of “Lady and the Tramp,” didn’t slum it for too long before catching his big break … we’ve learned the pup went from kill shelter to shelter before becoming a huge movie

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The final week of August is underway…WOW!

This summer has gone by really fast, here are some things to get you started on the last Monday in August: We’re in for a sun cloud mix today with a hi of 24 [ humidex 27 ] A litre

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Brant representatives were in Ottawa and it was a positive experience.

AMO Conference was a Positive Experience for the County of Brant County of Brant, from August 18 – 21. The County of Brant’s Mayor David Bailey and Councillors MacAlpine, Bell, Laferriere, Miller and Gatward attended the Association of Municipalities Ontario

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A ‘Breaking Bad’ movie is a good thing.

Earlier this summer, Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul had the internet aflutter when they began posting pictures of two donkeys, and then the two actors hanging out together, sparking speculation that they could be shooting the upcoming Breaking Bad movie turned out to be

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A trout with TWO mouths?

A woman fishing in upstate New York snapped photos when she reeled in a trout with a unique feature — two mouths. Debbie Geddes said she was fishing on Lake Champlain with her husband when she reeled the two-mouthed fish.

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