A craft beer study:

According to the craft beer trade group the US Brewers Association, over 13 percent of the beer consumed in North America is independently owned craft beer. So…who exactly is downing the 13 percent of craft beer? As the US site Brewbound reports Nielsen recently delved into the answer with its Craft Beer Insights Poll — an online survey of 1,100 legal craft beer drinkers. The poll found that 43 percent of respondents overall drink craft beer at least occasionally, with younger people leaning towards craft even more: Over half of those under 44 years old considered themselves craft beer drinkers. But when it comes to people who drink craft beer more frequently — at least weekly — things skew slightly older toward men with a bit more disposable income. The most common weekly craft beer drinker was a 35- to 44-year-old male with an income from $75,000 to $99,000.

Of course, a lot has been said about male compared to female craft beer drinkers, and indeed, the results of this survey skewed male. Only 31 percent of women said they drink craft beer compared to 56 percent of men.

Even though the idea of the average craft beer drinker may fit our clichés, another stereotype might be disappearing. Nielsen suggested that craft beer drinkers tend to be settling into their favorite brands instead of trying all sorts of new beers across the board. Though about 75 percent of craft beer drinkers surveyed still said they buy up to three different brands a month, the number who bought five or more brands per month has declined. “Drinkers today are less likely to experiment across brands, at least compared to five years ago,” Nielsen’s Danelle Kosmal said:. “To me, this says that your brand recognition and equity that you have built or are building with your core drinkers is becoming increasingly more important.”


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