Ending Your Email

Here are some tips for ending your office email on a professional note…
➢ Definitely include a closing:  Ending an email without a signoff is like walking away at the end of a conversation without saying goodbye. It doesn’t leave a good impression.
➢ Don’t get too casual:  Signoffs such as “see ya later,” “love” or “XOXO” are all too unprofessional for business purposes. Also to be avoided are acronyms such as TTYL (“talk to you later”) or TAFN (“that’s all for now”), which are confusing.
➢ Save the formalities – most of the time:  “Yours/yours truly” and “sincerely” just sound dated, although that last one might be appropriate for a cover letter or when sending a formal letter to a superior. “Respectfully” might be acceptable in a formal email as well.
➢ Only say “Cheers” if you can pull it off:  That one puzzles people. Is that something that you would say in person? If not, don’t use it.
➢ Avoid these too:  “Take care” can be anxiety-producing. “Best” is bland, and was found to induce the lowest response rate among common sign-offs.
➢ BE “Thank”ful:  Emails ending with a variation of “thank you” get significantly more responses than those with other popular signoffs. “Thanks in advance” had the highest response rate (65.7 per cent), followed by a simple “thanks” (63 per cent) and “thank you” (57.9 per cent). And attaching an exclamation point to the end can make it seem more sincere, as can adding “so much.”

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