Grandview Flour & Feed- Bird Feeding in the Winter


While many birds migrate south for the winter there’s also plenty of bird species that stay behind. This means bird feeding is a hobby that you can enjoy year round even though you may not have thought of it before. Feeding birds in the winter can be rewarding & enjoyable and with a few tips from the experts you can make the most out of your bird feeding experience this winter.

In this edition of “In Conversation With…” host Rob Curwain welcomes Sandor French, Owner of Grandview Flour & Feed, to our CKPC studio. Together they discuss the types of birds you can find in our area this time of year, what to feed them & some other useful tips to help out our feathered friends.

Other topics covered in this program include: What kind of bird feeder should I be using during the winter? Is there any special way to store bird feed during the winter? What can I do to deter pests during the winter? Can harmful pathogens survive on bird feeders during the winter months? What should I do with my bird bath during the winter? Etc.

To learn more about Grandview Flour & Feed visit their website

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