What Makes A Bad Boss?

New research from the global staffing firm “Robert Half” shows that there is some truth to the saying: “People leave managers, not companies.” About two in five professionals surveyed in Canada (39 per cent) have quit a job because of a bad boss. Here are a few ways bad bosses can cause employees to leave:
☞ A bad boss can be tough to reach:  Employees often need quick input from leaders to move forward with projects. Staff who can’t count on a timely reply are likely to be continually frustrated and may eventually seek greener pastures.
☞ A bad boss micromanages:  Bosses who require constant updates and give overly detailed directions on how work should be done can exasperate employees. It also shows workers that you don’t believe they can make good decisions on their own.
☞ A bad boss leaves the managing to others:  Managers on the other end of the scale — who provide vague direction or leave tough decisions to other people — are another reason that good employees leave. Workers want a leader who leads.

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