Outrageous Ways Your Home Can Get You Sued

⇒ If you clean your gutters without warning:  Homeowners who share a roof (think: condo and co-op life) have to be careful. When one homeowner does work on their roof and gutters, there’s always a risk that the neighbor might complain that they’re now having water leak problems.
⇒ If you throw a summer deck party:  Deck failures usually happen when there is excessive load, such as a party, and an injured guest often leads to a lawsuit. And if the deck wasn’t properly permitted, the homeowner’s insurance company could very well deny the claim, leaving the homeowner liable.
⇒ If your dog barks — ever:  If your dog shows any signs of aggression in the eyes of law (which includes growling or barking), they’re considered possibly dangerous. A Seattle family was fined $500,000 over their barking dog.
⇒ If you forget about the sidewalks:  An owner may be obligated not only to keep his or her own sidewalk clear, but also the one owned by the government in front the home. A Portland, Oregon family were sued for $63,500 for not shovelling the walkway in front of their home.
⇒ If you collect water drips in a bucket:  With increasing fear of Zika and other mosquito-borne viruses, anything in a yard that allows water to gather and stagnate might cause someone to blame their neighbor if the area becomes infested with mosquitoes.
⇒ If your kids’ playhouse is the wrong color:  Not only are they potentially dangerous, but the color might offend your neighbors, too. This was the case for a Georgia family that was sued by their homeowners’ association because their daughter’s playhouse was too pink.

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