Tricks to help you to stay with your morning workout.

1. Use The Buddy System

Make plans to workout with a friend or significant other so you have the buddy system and someone holding you accountable for getting it done,” . That way you don’t have any excuses and can make plans together — and motivate each other to finish your reps. If you prefer to take your run solo, ask a friend who’s also up early to text you about doing it.

2. Set Everything Up The Night Before

“Lay your workout clothes out right by your bed the night before to remind yourself you have a purpose the second you get up,” . If you set up your clothes and all the trimmings before you go to sleep, it’ll be harder to resist the call of the gym the next morning; you don’t have the excuse of “running around looking for things” to delay getting your exercise on. You can just throw on your clothes and go, without the fussing and worry of arranging things at the last minute.

3. Think Of How Nice & Empty The Gym Will B

Post-work, gyms, classes and other exercise spaces fill up quickly. At what feels like the crack of dawn, though, you have more of a chance of getting a space to yourself, making a move around the track in the absence of anybody else, or doing laps without the need to overtake somebody doing the crawl every five strokes. If you’re tempted to push your workout to after work, think of the hordes of people vying for space at the elliptical to motivate you not to hit snooze.

4. Think About How Great You’ll Feel The Rest Of The Day

Studies have shown an exercise regime in the morning boosts energy and activity levels all day, which adds up to a healthier lifestyle in general. If you need to be in top gear, getting a move on in the morning is going to help you out.

5. Set Up Sneaky Reminders

If you’re finding it tricky to get out of bed in the morning, anticipate how rude your morning self will be and start counteracting that with the reminders you set. “Set your alarm with a title or message like “Wake up and move to start your day right!”. “Putting your alarm somewhere far enough so you have to actually get up to turn it off is key to making you move.”

If you’re not in the habit of working out in the morning, it can be tricky to motivate yourself to get to that place. But, as with exercise generally, practice makes perfect — challenge yourself to switch your after work workout for an AM run, and see how the rest of your day changes as a result.

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