Ways We Waste Money

➠ Not being a ‘list’ person:  If you’ve ever gone to the mall for “a couple things”, you know that goes. Make a list and stick to it, or use the store’s pickup service, where the “someone else” who picks up your things won’t make impulse purchases.
➠ Not playing the interest rate game: With rates at historic lows, odds are you can get a lower fixed-interest rate right now…on any loan you have – car, mortgage, student, or even credit cards.
➠ Not asking for discounts:  Clothing stores. Wine stores. Using Groupon. Finding Facebook groups for deals. Quite often, when you ask at a store for a deal or coupon, the salesperson says ‘yes’.
➠ Overpriced food and drink:  Between the “grab and go” convenience factor of fast-food, paying for overpriced drinks on a summer night, dining out when you don’t feel like cooking, or just grabbing a coffee drink or two every day, try to pinpoint your daily consumption and see where you can cut back.
➠ Not checking your phone bill:  You should regularly audit your cell phone bill. Things like paying for extra storage that you may not even realize you signed up for, or apps you forgot you ordered in the first place, they all add up.
➠ Forgetting to return items:  Did it “look good at the time” and now you “keep meaning” to return it? One of the top over-spending habits is forgetting to return items. Set aside a day to return those ill-fitting clothes, unwanted electronics, and other impulse buys you now don’t want or use.

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