Is the world ready for the ‘upside down’ Christmas Tree?

How do you put presents underneath an upside down Christmas tree?

While Christmas trees are an iconic part of the holiday, that doesn’t mean that they all have to look the same. More and more people are adopting an upside down approach to their decorations.

People are already getting into the Christmas spirit. On Instagram, users are starting to upload images of their decorations and it seems like upside down Christmas trees are growing in popularity.

On Instagram user posted a picture of a white upside down tree with the caption, “And… it starts. The only way I found we can truly enjoy the Christmas season, is to get all of the decorations up. We do some major decorating in our house!”

As the trend has become more popular, more stores have been starting to sell upside-down trees, The Sun reported. Prices have varied from around $25 to hundreds of dollars.

Upside-down Christmas trees have been popping up for several years now and they’re popular for more than just aesthetic reasons.

One photo of an upside down tree on Instagram boasted how “pet-friendly” the setup could be.

These top-heavy trees also could be useful for people living in small apartments or other tight living situations

Typically human…after a while with something, we turn it into something else.

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