Small Ways To Help The Environment Right Now

⇒ Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth:  That simple act can save 200 gallons (760 litres) of water per month.
⇒ Combine errands:  Take one trip to do multiple things and save gas, time, and the environment. Car engines run more efficiently once they’re warmed up, and you’ll drive less in the long run.
⇒ Get to know what “expired” means:  Don’t be fooled by a “sell by” date. Even some “use by” dates are merely a suggestion. You could be unnecessarily be wasting food.
⇒ Buy a reusable coffee cup:  The average office worker uses 500 disposable cups per year. Use your own.
⇒ Choose used:  There are plenty of products that you can buy used (electronics, clothing, furniture) at a fraction of the cost of new, and at less cost to the environment too.
⇒ Skip baths:  A shower is more environmentally friendly. A 5-minute rinse uses 10-25 gallons of water, while a bath requires up to 30.

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